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Nicole NoZe (Nicole Zilberszac) studied law in Vienna and is writing a dissertation on “4E Objectivity. Reconceptualising legal objectivity according to the concept of embodied, embedded, enacted and extended cognition”. Her artistic practice began initially in the poetic and cabaret area until Nicole NoZe devoted herself exclusively to the fine arts, primarily to abstract and neofigurative painting as well as digital arts. In November 2018 Nicole NoZe was represented at the art festival “Kunstkomplott” in Salzburg with the exhibition “aus der Haut_unter die Haut” (out of the skin_ under the skin) and presented her solo exhibition “Her Victory” at wienstation in May 2019 in Vienna. In June 2019 some of her works and an interview were published in the London art magazine “Brenda”. She is also a fellow of the Westminster Law and Theory Lab, exchanging ideas on radically rethinking legal methodology with members of the lab. Currently she is working on installations on the spatiality of the law, combining her academic research with artistic practice.


“Her Victory” at Wienstation, Lerchenfelder Gürtel Bogen 28, 1080 Wien 10.05- 17.05.2019.

Solo Show „aus der Haut_unter die Haut“ at the Art Festival Kunstkomplott, 02-03.11.2018

Mark Salzburg, Hannakstraße 17, 5023 Salzburg, 2018

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10/2019 Interview and Contribution for I don’twanttogoinsanezine

06/2019 Interview and Contribution for BrendaMagazineIssue 2 “Twin”