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Dimitris Pikros is a visual artist/ a painter, a curator and a Zen/ Yoga/ Meditation life coach.
His work has always focused on creating thematic art projects, telling stories (personal or not) that make the viewer think and find out the relation with the painting. He is interested in preserving the canvas as a classic element of the exhibit, but sometimes he likes to combine it with interactive art installations and/or performances.

Dimitris call his artwork “Graphic Paintings”. He is motivated in creating paintings that represent the outlook of the present moment, trying to fuse a new dialogue of shapes, textures and elements inspired by our design-oriented times. Through experimenting, in his paintings, he has been interested in developing a process with unpolluted colours and shapes. This fascination aims to an outcome with a contemporary feel and the combination of shapes and colours, thus contrasting the sense of perspective without the presence of the outline. The outcome of that process is what Dimitris now calling “Graphic Paintings”.

Since 2000 he has shown his work in individual and group exhibitions in several countries in Europe, most frequently in Greece, Spain, Germany, Japan and London. At the peak of his success, he retired from the art business in order to embark on an art journey of self-growth and personal development, where he developed his knowledge of Zen, Meditation and Yoga philosophies.
His Zen artwork period helped him develop personally and find inner peace and balance.

Dimitris loves developing his artwork andoften traveling to India, searching and learning from other sources, and constantly studying the knowledge of Swami Vivekananda grandmaster.

He was born in Larisa, Greece, in 1973. He currently lives and works in London.

Solo exhibitions:

– Saints Art Project, 2003, Art Bac! IV Edition, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain.

– Confessions Art Project, 2002, Art Bac! III Edition, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain.

– Labour’s Tree, 2001, Spike Place, Barcelona, Spain.

– Monsters, 2001, Civic Centre Convent of SantAgustí, Barcelona, Spain.

Group exhibitions:

– Yakumo Koizumi (小泉八雲) ,August 2019, International Art Exchange Exhibition, Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum of Kobe, Japan.

– 2nd Exhibition International Art Project Yakumo Koizumi / Where Clouds Are Born, June 2019, at the Lafcadio Hearn Historical Center, Memorial Museum Lefkáda, Greece.

– Making Love (Medusas /Jellyfishes), FT2 Exhibition, May 2019, London, UK.

– 1st Exhibition International Art Project Yakumo Koizumi / Where Clouds Are Born, November 2018, Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair, Greece.

– Positive Charges Exhibition, 2006, Thessaloniki Centre of Contemporary Art, Greece.

– Making Love Art Project, 2005, Collective exhibition for the competition “Mediterranean Sea”, Maritime Museum, Barcelona, Spain.

– Water’s Tree Art Project, 2004, Global Dorf Projects, Dörenthe, Germany.

– Art Biennale Athens, 2000, Fair of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece.

– Art House Gallery 2000, Milos Place, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Distinctions/ awards/ publishes:

2019 /: «Japan Art News Paper Prize» with theYakumo Koizumi (小泉八雲) artwork, at International Art Exchange Exhibition Kobe, Japan.

2006 / Special publication on his professional trajectory in the magazine «Na Ena Milo», Pataki Editions, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2004 / Represented Greece as a guest countrywith the Water’s Tree Art Project, for the Global Dorf Projects, Dörenthe, Germany.

2004 / Diverse Publications by some german newspapersfor The Saints andWater’s Tree art projects.

2001/ Interview at the Catalunya Radio as outstanding artist for the Monsters Art Project, Civic Centre Convent of Sant Agustí, Barcelona, Spain.

2000 / Dimitrisgraduated from the School of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with an Honours Degree and first of his class in late 2000 (he obtained the top grades in the year and was subsequently selected to present his work at Art Biennale Athens).

At the Art Biennale Athens his exibited collection received much acclaim thus all his artwork were sold.