The Art Space is an art gallery and artists agency.

Our gallery includes a variety of different styles of art works and styles. We carefully curate our art shop with the most contemporary, unique artists who have created a path for themselves in the arts sector.

Our artists vary in terms of seniority and we encourage artists of all levels to apply. Our curation team makes sure only the purest of talent is added and represented in our gallery. 

Our team of artists is extremely important to us. We work around finding new opportunities for them, connect them with the correct clients and expose their pieces to our large list of collaborators. 

See the art work in your space

Send us your own space at, tell us which art work you are interested in buying and we will digitally apply the art work in your space and send you the result. That way you can be certain the art work fits in your space!


Love it ❤️

Maria Melidou Avatar Maria Melidou
July 25, 2019

A treasure trove of art

Andreas Philippopoulos Avatar Andreas Philippopoulos
July 25, 2019

The best art Gallery in the city of Thessaloniki!! Worth to visit and adore all these beautiful paintings !! Well done Christina !!

July 28, 2019