About Us

Welcome to THE ART SPACE!

We are two artists and business women in Thessaloniki, Greece. We welcome you to The Art Space – the greek digital art gallery of contemporary works of art from artists worldwide. A gallery that was created and motivated by our love for art and a natural need to help create an active community of contemporary artists around the world.

What we do in The Art Space is oriented around cultivating the culturally curious. Our vision expands to nurturing people and elevating their career as artists with a completely personalised strategy connecting them to a list of art-collectors, businesses and establishments.

We carefully select our artists and intentionally curate the best of each style in order to be able to accommodate all different types of collaborations with clients we choose to work with.

What’s more, we provide consulting services in regards to the purchase and placement of works of art for personal or professional spaces. We look forward to forming connections and communicating with you to discuss your art needs and your space demands. Our free services include the novel option to receive a photo of your space in order to virtually position the art work of interest to give you a realistic view of the art work inside your space. You can learn more about this service here.

We responsibly provide the relevant signed certificates of authenticity for every work of art in our gallery.

For any questions or information regarding our gallery and works of art, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to meet you and discuss with you!

Christina Michalopoulou & Eleni Simoni