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I am Christina Michalopoulou, a contemporary realism painter living and working in Thessaloniki, Greece. I am an artist, a mother and an entrepreneur. My studies were in Marketing, followed by 11 years in Advertising and Media Companies as a Media & Marketing director. Nowadays, I am the owner and director of, and more recently,

Meanwhile, 6 years ago, I returned to painting after a long hiatus. It would seem that I was gathering images and shapes during that time. I was building an unconscious archive that lived somewhere underneath my breath. They are all now pouring out, unstoppable, in acrylic and oil, in abstraction and hyperreal figuration, in blossoming color and start monochrome. My work is a constant battle between abstraction and realism. Creating figurative, photorealistic human figures, faces and body parts on one hand, bringing them in total contradiction with hard core, monochromatic contemporary abstracts on the other.

During the last few years, I had a solo exhibition in Athens and participated in many International Exhibitions throughout Europe, USA and Canada, receiving Awards and distinctions for my work, including the participation prize at the XIII Florence Biennale via, the “Outstanding Woman Artist Achievement Award” from Manhattan Arts International, NY, and the nomination for the “Royal Art Prize Award”, UK. I am also a member of the International Guild of Realism, USA.

At the same time, I am working on a permanent basis with Construction Companies, Hotel Groups and some of the greatest Architectural & Decorative offices of the country on small or large-scale art projects throughout Greece.

In these years, I had the honor to see many of my artworks finding their place in private art collections all over the world as well as in 5 star or Small Luxury Hotels and Villas. Also, original artworks can be seen at my atelier in Thessaloniki and digitally on, Saatchi Art and




2019 “Selfie”, Chili Art Gallery, Athens (5-21/12)



2023 “Eternal womb”, Dipola Art Platform, Basilica of St. Mark, Crete (1-14.3)

2023 Dipola &Kroma, Romantzo, Athens (12-25.2)

2022 “Climate Change”, Govedarou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki (13-27.10)

2022 “Woman”, James Baird Gallery, Pouch Cove, Canada (22.10-22.11)

2022 “New Symbols II”, Chili Art Gallery, Athens (10-19.11.22)

2022 “Eternal womb”, Dipola Art Platform, DigenakisWinery, Crete (27.7 – 30.8.22)

2022 Alissachni Myconos Luxury Resort, Presenting the “Senses” series @Alissachni boutique

2022 “Ingres Violin”, Melina Merkouri Municipality Center, Athens (8-17.6.22)

2021 “Women”, Arte Visione Art Gallery, Athens (20.9-1.10.21)

2021 International Guild of Realism, Fall Salon, USA (20.10-10.12.21)

2021 XIII Florence Biennale, Italy (23-28.10.21)

2021 Intersect Art & Design Palm Springs (formerly known as Art Palm Springs), California, participation with Al-Tiba9 Gallery, Algerian booth (16-22.2.21)

2020-21 “HerStory” Manhattan Arts International Exhibition (till 2/3/21)

2020-21 “Love is Love”, Rest@rt Cultural Platform, (till 3/21)

2021 “The Era of Change”, The Visionary Project, New York/ Berlin/ Vienna (20.1-20.2.21)

2020 “The Observer”, Arte Visione Gallery, Athens (20-30/10)

2020 “Element Environment Energy – 3E”, Santorini Arts Factory, Santorini (9/8-30/9)

2020 Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London, Shortlisted for the Royal Arts Prize (20-29/2)

2020 “Anthropologio”, Art.Number23 Gallery, Athens, Thissio (18/1 – 12/3)

2019 Art Thessaloniki, participation with Chalkos Gallery, Helexpo International Fair Center (21-24/11)

2019 “Roy’s People Art Fair”, International Exhibition at Truman Brewery, London

2019 “En Plo”, Time of Art Gallery, Athens

2019 “La Vie En Rose”, Peiraios Bank Establishment, Thessaloniki

2019 “The Body Language”, ITSLIQUID International Art Exhibition, Venice Italy

2018 “Art in 3 Bids”, Μyro Gallery, Thessaloniki

2018 “Nude”, Μyro Gallery, Thessaloniki

2018  International Art Exhibition, Macedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki

2018 “Give back”, G.H.Papageorgiou, Visual Arts Sector, Thessaloniki

2017  Group Exhibition, Govedarou Gallery, Thessaloniki

2017  International Art Exhibition, Porto Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki

2017 «Lost Motherlands II», Helexpo – “Ioannis Vellidis” Congress Center, Thessaloniki

2017 «Lost Motherlands I», G.H.Papageorgiou, Visual Arts Sector, Thessaloniki

2016 «Forms in Grey», G.H.Papageorgiou, Visual Arts Sector, Thessaloniki

2014 La Mamart, Group Exhibitions, Peiraios Bank Establishment, Thessaloniki



2021 3rd prize winner – Participation at XIII Florence Biennale via

2021 Winner of “Outstanding Woman Artist Achievement Award” Manhattan Arts International for the participation in “HerStory” Exhibition. Participation with “Cocoon”

2021 Winner of “Art Portrait Award”, February 21, Participation with “Fragment II”

2020 Barcelona International Big Awards 2020 Finalist (Exhibition will take place on 2021 due to covid-19, in Spain). Participation with “Cocoon”

2020 Nominated for the Royal Arts Prize, Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London

2020 Artist of the Year 2019 Contest Finalist, Circle Foundation for the Arts, February 2020

2019 Honourable Distinction in the Circle Foundation for the Arts, Art Competition, May 2019

2019 Honourable Mention at ITSLIQUID International Contest – 6th Edition 2018:

2019 Artsy Shark Featured Artist February ’19:

2016 1st prize winner for the participation in “Forms in Grey” International Art Fair, G.H.Papageorgiou, Visual Arts Sector Thessaloniki