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Fiona Nonna, a self-taught artist, started reading about the history of art and techniques at a very young age. All this contributed to her artistic development, but above all she painted her emotions, thoughts and dreams. All traumatic but fruitful experiences pour out from her paintings. For her, painting is not just an art nor an aesthetic result, or an identical style that she once tried to represent. Her motto is “she is the element that gives her paintings coherence”. All of the pieces may seem different but also a part of one bigger vision, in a form of expression and confession.

Fiona Nonna is BBA graduate and and MCs student in the field of Real estate development at the moment. Art for her has always been a part of herself. Growing up she decided to expose herself and her art on display, without insecurity and fear but with honesty and confidence.

Group exhibitions:
3D virtual Exhibition on 17/11/2020 by Art no23
#1 work of art is a confession 18-30/9/2023 at Ellinogallikos Syndesmos, Kolonakiou 4, Athens.
Art Way Exhibition on 27-30/10/2023 at Enteka Athens, Galatsi