Interview with Kalli Kastori

Kalli Kastori: “Αrt fills out the missing pieces”

Interview to Sissy Sigioultzi-Rooka, Philologist, writer, member of the Union of Journalists Periodical & Electronic Press NWE, Radio Producer and President of the “Greek Cyprus Cultural Association “


A paragraph about myself.

Usually, we tend to be the ones others tell us we are. I always try to discover my own truth. Through painting, I search myself.

My inspiration

Everyday life, what I see around me, our relationships and their difficulties. Alienation!!

My mediums

Oil on canvas, graphite and watercolor pencils.

My technique and Style

Realism, expressed with vivid colors which I combine with shades of gray.

When does an artwork end?

When I am satisfied with the result, when I feel that I have nothing else to do.

How important is naming your artworks? How do you choose a name?

I usually avoid naming my artworks. I prefer to let the viewer think of a name on his own, otherwise my title is the one directing his thought, not my painting.

Why did you choose the art in your life?

It fills out the missing pieces.