Interview with Holly Silius

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Interview to Sissy Sigioultzi – Rooka, Philologist, Writer, member of the Union of Journalists Periodical & Electronic Press NWE, Radio Producer at and President of the”Greek Cyprus Cultural Association”

A paragraph about myself

I am a British born multidisciplinary visual artist of Lithuanian descent . I am based between Los Angeles and Europe. I studied at London College of Fashion in 2003 for a BA (Hons) in special effects makeup which included sculpture, life drawing and film studies. With a career spanning over two decades working with some of the most sought after models, celebrities and public figures as a makeup artist and multidisciplinary visual artist working across body casting, wearable art, photography and mask making. I like to push the boundaries of contemporary  art,  utilising my training in special effects. 

My Inspiration

I am interested in surrounding myself in nature and diverse cultures like mountains and lakes to all the cultures that LA brings to the many areas of Europe I enjoy to explore and be exposed to. Alongside this I like to mix my love of the old traditional masters like Frank Auerbach and Georgia O’Keeffe and also brand new technology like 3d printing and the Metaverse.

My Mediums

Materials I use include stone, silicone, wax, clay, resin, ink, alginate, acrylic, oils, diamond dust, foam latex and found natural objects. So many materials I mix and use, continually evolving. 

My Technique and Style

My body of work explores the human form, both raw and adorned, from body cast stone sculptures to masks and wearable body jewellery. The duality of raw and adorned mirrors my background in fine art and SFX. My art practice finds its inspiration from the study of morphology and the wider body of my work centres around my fascination with the human body and the way it serves as a canvas for experimentation. 

How do you define the end, the point of completion for each one of your artworks?

This is a great question, sometimes I make mistakes and then people love the pieces I class as unfinished or not good enough so I have learnt to just sometimes stop even though I want to carry on. I don’t think there is a definition for the ending of any of my pieces.

How important is naming your artworks? How do you choose a name?

The titles are honestly not too important to me…to title a piece sometimes makes it feel sterile so sometimes its just a formality…the physical piece should speak for itself.

Why did you choose art in your life?

There were no pressures or expectations for this outlet so it seemed the best path to follow.