Interview with Eleni Kyriazopoulou

Ελένη Κυριαζοπούλου

Eleni Kyriazopoulou: “Painting is and always has been my whole life”

Interview to Sissy Sigioultzi-Rooka, Philologist, Writer, member of the Union of Journalists Periodical & Electronic Press NWE, Radio Producer at and President of the”Greek Cyprus Cultural Association”


A paragraph of myself

I was always interested in art, but painting is and always has been my whole life.

My Inspiration

Everything is potentially a source of inspiration. I capture the moment, day or night, people, landscapes, in the city or in the country. I love the sea.

My mediums

Oil, acrylic, pastel.

My Technique and Style


How do you define the end, the point of completion for each one of your artworks?

When I can leave the painting and move on.

How important is naming your artworks? How do you choose a name?

I choose titles from song lyrics or poems. I often write the titles according to my emotions, this is important to me.

Why did you choose art in your life?

Because no other way was possible.