Interview with Joas Nebe

Interview to Sissy Sigioultzi – Rooka, Philologist, Writer, member of the Union of Journalists Periodical & Electronic Press NWE, Radio Producer at and President of the”Greek Cyprus Cultural Association”

A paragraph about myself

Gaming into Mindfulness

To Nebe, “fantasy and creative intelligence are important survival skills today.” So is chess, an analogy he keeps referring to: “Chess exemplifies my game with the viewer. In a world of shortening attention spans, it’s an ideal concentration-practice. One always has to think a few steps in advance.” By screening the insanity of our daily chase towards evolutionary bankruptcy, Nebe in a clever move takes the reason prisoner, only to appoint reason to be the king of his game of chess. He calls for a close review of the encyclopedia of our philosophical and cultural foundations. In his opinion reason has the potential to direct a path away from the horror vacui he is depicting: “The model of enlightenment has increasingly been discredited, wrongfully I believe. Today survival and coexistence are only possible if governed by the faculty of reason. Labeling and connoting intellectual categories help to bring new relations into sight and to gain unexpected terms of knowledge.”

The interview essay “Gaming Into Mindfulness” has been published in Humanize Magazine, issue 11, p. 20-31.

Inspiration sources

Cinema, art history, pop culture, crypto art

Materials you use

Digital media, scissor and paper and glue, paint and canvas, paper and pencil

Technique and style

Own visual language in all media


How do you define the end, the point of completion for each one of your artworks?

It is about the feeling and end of thinking about the piece.

How important is the title of your work and how do you choose each title?

Sometimes very important.

Why did you choose art in your life?

My way of living. Without art life doesn’t make sense to me.


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