Interview with Nur Özkaya


Nur Özkaya: “In Art I do not feel obliged to be accepted”

Interview to Sissy Sigioultzi-Rooka, Philologist, Writer, member of the Union of Journalists Periodical & Electronic Press NWE, Radio Producer at and President of the”Greek Cyprus Cultural Association”


A paragraph of myself

I was born in Aydın, Turkey, Diyarbakır is where I grew up. Because the educational system in Turkey works slightly differently, I study mostly science and math for up to 18 years. I have never been very successful at math or science. I always had a pen in my hand, to express my feelings and emotions. When I had to decide for the university, I decided that I should go over my dreams. One of Turkey’s leading universities and at Bilkent University Faculty of Fine Arts, which place in the world ranking, I settled in the Communication and Design department with a fifty percent scholarship. I studied as a design coordinator for the university’s leading clubs. At Turkey’s first online-based student magazine Paftamag Magazine, I worked for about 2 years as a head graphic designer and poster designer. For the past two years, I have dedicated myself to illustration art. In this area where I can feel more comfortable and freer, I designed tickets for companies like StarTours. I also used my illustrated lines on posters. I created the characters I created by the concepts and thus, I designed electronic festival posters. Turkey’s local radio which I made using the technique of collage posters for TRT. I tried to have experience in every field of art like installation art, collage art, illustration… Art is the only way to express my feelings in an original and freeway. I’m at the very beginning of the road, the art road.

My Inspiration

My feelings are a big part of my inspiration. When I got on the subway, I was programmed to be inspired by the people, animals, music…The vibrancy of colors makes me wonder. I transfer myself to the canvas, thinking how I can use them.

My mediums

I am a digital worker, in general. But I also love different mediums of art like working on canvas while working analog. The materials I use while working with analog are mostly acrylic paints.

My Technique and Style

My style is generally illustration, digital art. My main style is working on lots layers for giving the audience the feel of depth. The techniques that I use, building up textures in character-based, stroke lines. The subcategories in art techniques I also use, is color as a technique. What I mean is I use lemon texture for face for instance.

How do you define the end, the point of completion for each one of your artworks?

There is no such thing as the end for me. When I visually feed me, I finish work but I keep coming back to complete something and this process never ends. I have to stop myself. I try finish every work when it radiates the feeling I feel.

How important is naming your artworks? How do you choose a name?

Frankly, for me, the title is more important than the work. Because work reflects the title. Αctually, I choose titles first. I draw what the title makes me feel. In general, the titles are also the things I feel.

Why did you choose art in your life?

I’m not a good person with words. This is a field where I can express myself and people can see me as a real me. Art is my comfort zone. My reason for choosing art is that I can be completely myself. I do not feel obliged to be accepted. What happens in canvas is mine, from the line to its shadow. I love the sense of belonging it gives.