Interview with Maria Nenadi

Maria Nenadi: “My work is energy, I don’t like to confine it”

Interview to Sissy Sigioultzi-Rooka, Philologist, Writer, member of the Union of Journalists Periodical & Electronic Press NWE, Radio Producer at and President of the”Greek Cyprus Cultural Association”


A paragraph of myself

It is never too late to remember why we are here. For me, this moment revealed the first time I had a painting lesson. I felt a strong energy. I felt that it was time to start finding myself. Painting started for me as a psychotherapy, I knew that it could heal wounds. And then, colors started to change, forms started to change, transforming themselves in expression, becoming statement. It was Existence. Nowadays, I cannot imagine myself away from my workshop. It is the place where my body and my soul become one.

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from the messages that people need to receive. They pass through my mind, into my heart, flood themselves with Love and Empathy and end up on my canvas. I am interested in the human, I care about his existance, I want to find a path. I want to show him what I just found out, I long to make him understand, to tell him not to waste his soul where he shouldn’t.

My mediums

My basic material is acrylic paint. It reigns in my canvas. Sometimes accompanied by charcoal or ink but never losing the leading role, it is my main medium.

My Techniqueand Style

When starting a new project, the energy that flows on my hands when touching my white canvas is one that determines the colors on my palette. I work mainly with brushes and I love to feel my hand moving freely, flowing and splashing the colors, letting myself create forms and shapes that come straight from my heart. Then, I stop and keep a distance from my canvas only to sense its whisper, to let myself feel its journey. After creating a story I would like to tell, I continue with the details. I usually don’t know what I will paint at the beginning of an artwork. My work is energy, I don’t like to confine it, I prefer to let it burst and lead me to an internal or external journey.

When does an artwork end?

Beyond what is seen by the eye, most of the times, my heart knows when the artwork is over. When the message is complete, my heart is beating so hard, there is so much joy and energy between me and my easel. I know then that I have reached my destination.

How important is naming your artworks? How do you choose a name?

After completing my artwork, I stand and look at it, trying to absorb its meaning. Then, I start searching in the net for poems, words and energies that express the meaning I want to give to the viewer. I usually avoid the obvious titles, I do not want to lead the viewers thoughts. I want to poke them gently in order to find their own path. It is important the title of an artwork to set your thoughts free.

Why did you choose art in your life?

I chose art as a means to get closer to people, avoiding in between words. A person in need of help, most of the times, isn’t in a position to listen to what you have to tell him. But when finding himself within an image that touches his soul and lets himself listen to his inner voice, he might trust the feeling that will come through. There is hope that he will recall.